Elska Ekstra 14 (Haifa, Israel)

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In this issue of Elska Ekstra, you get almost three hundred pages of outtakes and behind the scenes tales from the making of our Elska Haifa edition. First you'll get extra pics of three guys from Elska Haifa - Amir S, Dotan M, and George N. Then you'll meet six guys who didn't make it into the main edition - Eyal R, Kostya M, Shay G, Yaniv P, Yaron T, and Yuval Z. Add to this seven extra stories and you have the perfect companion to your copy of our main Elska Haifa edition.

Plus beyond Haifa, there are three photospreads and stories from our First Times side project, where we shot dozens of men at home and interviewed them about their loss of virginity. Included here are Sean D from Pawtucket, Rhode Island; M C Slater from Harlem, New York; and Samson Z from Providence, Rhode Island.

288 pages, PDF format.