Elska Collectors' Postcard Set - Volume 1

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To celebrate the first six editions of Elska, we’ve put together a 21-piece set of collectible photo-postcards. Each is dedicated to one individual Elska boy from one of the first six issues of Elska. Stick them on your fridge, frame them, use them as bookmarks, coasters, or whatever!

The Elska Volume One Postcard set includes…

from (01) Lviv: Sasha K, Eugen K, Marko K
from (02) Berlin: Diego S, Raphael K, Emil T
from (03) Reykjavík: Friðrik Á, Kyle B, Jono D, Haukur G
from (04) Lisbon: Julien P, Daniel T, Matheus G
from (05) Taipei: Gemi Sakinu Z, Temelalj C, Walter J, Owen C
from (06) Istanbul: Yuchi P, Efe B, Ekin K, Can A

21 cards, each sized A6 (5.8" x 4.1") on 300gsm (140lb) card stock