Elska Collectors' Postcard Set - Volume 2

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This is a collection of twenty-one frameable postcards from the second six editions of Elska. Each card shows an image of one of the men featured in issues (07) through (12), including…

  • from Cardiff (Wales): Dave R, Henry C, Radek P, Timbo S
  • from Toronto (Canada): Shane H, Harvey S, Mitch D
  • from Yokohama (Japan): Ryoji S, Patrick Inada A, Yosh N
  • from Mumbai (India): Jahan B, Aarash K, S Arif & Inder N
  • from Providence (USA): Brent V, Alexander H, Norbert G
  • from Brussels (Belgium): Abel V, Pieterjan V & Nikolas L, Miguel G, Nizo M, and Pierre B

21 cards, each sized A6 (5.8" x 4.1") on 300gsm (140lb) card stock