Elska Ekstra 22 (Stockholm, Sweden)

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About Elska Ekstra Stockholm:

In this issue of Elska Ekstra, your companion to our main Elska Stockholm magazine, you'll get loads of outtake images, none of which are repeated in the main magazine, from our journey meeting the men of gay Stockholm. You'll also get behind the scenes tales, written in a diary format from the point of view of Elska's chief photographer Liam Campbell, allowing you get to know these men  in a different light to how they are presented in our main magazine, and you'll get some insight into what it's like to make a magazine like Elska.

Features images of / stories from: Patrik G, Linus L, Albin H, Jonas P, Ross K, Tomas A, Mikael L, Andreas S, Mathis F, and Martin FJ.

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E-version: 328 pages. The file format is PDF, which is universally viewable on iPads, non-Mac tablets, and all sorts of other devices. A download link is provided after payment.