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This edition was made in Helsinki, capital of Finland and world's northernmost metropolis. Known, fairly or not, for hot saunas and cool people, we came here to get up close to the local boys and hopefully warm them up a bit. And we certainly did our best to get to know them as intimately as possible! 

Inside we introduce you to thirteen Helsinki residents, shot out and about in this beautiful Nordic city or relaxing at home. The stories they wrote then include Ross M's tale of how he charms men in his kitchen; Joni L's look at dating with mental illness; Nico V's classic coming out story; and Kos D's piece on trying to suppress his femininity only to later embrace it.

Then we've added for our semi-recurring 'Elska Dehors' feature a couple of guys we met during a quick stop in Szczecin, Poland. We loved our one day there, so this is hopefully just a taster of some future Elska edition to be made in some great Polish city.

164 pages, including texts in English, Tagalog, Russian, and Polish (followed by English translations)

The print version is A5 (24cm x 14.8cm), full-colour, perfect bound, 130gsm (90lb) matte paper

Features images of / stories from: Kos D, Nico V, Topias S, Ross M, Elias K, Aku K, Leo L, Joni L, Susheel B, Beniamin G, Marcin Z, Antti L, Joona H, Kiryl K, and Toni K.